Reflections on Teaching Music 17: Hip Hop, forthcoming in Current Musicology

What does music mean to Spotify? An essay on musical significance in the era of digital curation. INSAM Journal of Contemporary Music, Art and Technology, Issue 2, 2019

The Blues Scale: Historical and Epistemological Considerations, Jazz Perspectives, 11:2, 2018

(and a version of that article for Ethan Iverson’s Do The Math)

Review essay, The Jazz Bubble: Neoclassical Jazz in Neoliberal Culture (Dale Chapman), published in Critical Studies in Improvisation, 2018

Dissertation: Solving and Dissolving Musical Affection: a study of the automated music recommendation industry (2019)

Fellowships, other research projects

2019 Fulbright Fellow (Mexico City)

Awarded a 2017 "Frontiers of Innovation" grant for dissertation research on recommender systems

Organizer of University of California Humanities Research Institute working group, “Spontaneity in music and literature: revisiting Chomskian perspectives on communication”

Fellow of the Asian Cultural Council, in support of research into the improvised music scenes of Shanghai and Beijing.  International Institute for Critical Improvisation Studies Think Pieces essay on this subject.